Who We Serve

  Hospitality House accepts both male and female residents and attempts to maintain a consistent balance due to the room layout.  With a centralized nursing station between the two halls of residence, a common day room becomes the initial gathering place for the day, followed by personal hygeine process, breakfast, then off to class structured for the various functioning levels within the program. 

  Our facility attempts to maintain a homogenous diagnostic group, focusing on Chronic Schizophrenia.  On occasion, we accept other accompanying mental health issues; however, we have found through 23 years of experience that the more similar the residents, the more effective the program.  The referral packet/procedure which is available from this site, allows us to screen for appropriateness and more fully describes our residence requirements.  We take every effort to facilitate the success of each resident and while the application process is somewhat involved, it is designed to facilitate positive results.

  Feel free to call our Service Coordinator for a more in depth review of who we serve.