Program & Classes

Our Program and Classes Offered


  Hospitality House provides individualized plans of recovery to assist in rehabilitation.  Our primary focus is to restore functioning levels by reinstituting the concept of "choice" in our resident's lives which works to restore personal responsibility and decision making.


  All residents are given the opportunity to participate in the recovery process while learning basic life skills. Tokens, which are earned by class attendance and participation, are used to purchase desired items from the token store, to buy sleep late coupons for weekends, outings to movies and restaurants, shopping, etc.


  Curriculum includes medication training for assisted medication, budget training, social skills practice, community access training, learning about mental illness, computer training, and we also offer a vocational program. Also included are current events, aerobic exercise, self-laundry training, and many more topics. 


  Our program includes frequent outings such as shopping, eating out, movie and bowling trips, and various local events such as the Handicapable Rodeo, Christmas Parade, and the yearly county fair. 


  Hospitality House offers 24 hour coverage by a licensed nurse.